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Serum with pure retinol

Experience the combination of velvety feel and proven effectiveness of pure retinol on the signs of aging (wrinkles, elasticity and firmness).


Active ingredients

Retinol is an essential anti-aging ingredient, contained here in its purest form at a 0.15% concentration. It is known for its action in reducing and smoothing wrinkles, improving skin quality and stimulating skin regeneration.



In the evening, after cleansing, carefully open a capsule by unscrewing the cap and apply the serum to your face and neck. Then apply your usual serum (if needed) and crème. EVERY NIGHT FOR 2 MONTHS.

Given the pure form of the ingredient in this product, your skin may need a period of time to adjust. In case of discomfort during the first applications, it is recommended to limit the time interval to one capsule every 2nd evening for the first week and then return to one capsule every evening.

Content: 60 capsules à 0.4 ml
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