Lydia Daïnow - Suisse Cosmetic

Lydia Daïnow products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.The innovated active ingredients are selected according to strict criteria and always serve the purpose of well-being and health of each individual. The line offers the right solution for every skin type. 

Lydia Daïnow is a traditional Swiss line that aims to produce highly effective skincare products to restore and maintain a healthy complexion. The company offers a wide range of facial and body care products for daily use.  All of the products are organic, natural and dermatologically tested rather than animal tested out of respect for living beings. 

All Lydia Daïnow skin care products work slowly into the skin cells, effectively making the skin beautiful from the inside out. Each product includes deep-penetrating ingredients that provide effective results for all skin types.

You can select your products according to the individual needs of your skin. It is also possible to select individual products and combine them. There are unlimited treatment options just as there are many different skin types and conditions.