Hydra-protecting face cream, tinted SPF15 - Sothys

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The Sothys solution to hydrate and protect your skin every day. This cream is the perfect partner to support the skin during exercise (dehydration, perspiration, UV, blue light exposure, etc.).



Apply in the morning to the face and décolleté. Avoid contact with the eyes. Can also be applied to the arms and hands. Reapply when exercising outside.



The skin is protected in a hydrating and mattifying veil. The product + :Whether you are sporty or not, your skin is overexposed to blue light, both natural (sun) or artificial blue light (smartphone screens, computer / TV screens, etc.). Sothys Hydra-protecting face cream contains an anti-blue light complex to protect your skin from ageing when exposed to this type of radiation.


Content: 50 ml

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