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More moisture, a fresh complexion and an immediate anti-aging effect - with the hyaluron mask, swissestetic offers you a face mask that combines all these effects in one simple application thanks to its special combination of active ingredients. At the same time, it is ideally suited for all skin types and, in addition to moisturizing, also helps to quickly soothe irritated skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Contents: 7 pcs.



1-2 times per week. After the application time of 15 minutes, it can be removed to massage the remaining Hyaluron serum into the skin.



An innovative solution for moisturizing and soothing irritated or irritated skin, the cotton mask is ideal for refreshing the face or for care after irritating treatments (e.g. microneedling).

The main active ingredient hyaluron (also called hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan) also occurs naturally in the skin and is responsible, among other things, for moisture storage in the skin cells. These moisture depots show up in hydrated skin in the form of the typical cushions. From the age of 25, however, the skin's own hyaluron production declines: the skin loses moisture more quickly, its volume decreases and fine lines and small wrinkles become visible. With the help of the hyaluron mask, the skin can be supplied with moisture in a very simple way, resulting in an immediate anti-aging effect.

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