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The daily boost for skin health: With a combination of collagen, hyaluronic acid and a special vitamin complex, our dietary supplement supports the skin's natural regenerative power and can thus ensure a rejuvenated appearance. By taking a hyalupro® Beautyshot daily, the skin can easily be supplied with all important nutrients even in everyday life.

Contents: 30 pcs.



To provide the skin with all important nutrients on a permanent basis, we recommend taking one shot daily. As a dietary supplement, the Shot supports the nutrient supply of the skin. Due to its use as a collagen drink, hyalupro® has no side effects and is suitable for all skin types. With the package size of 30 ampoules, the nutrient supply can be covered for a complete month.



With hyalupro® we have developed an innovative dietary supplement that offers skin treatment with collagen and hyaluronic acid in a shot to drink. Due to its special composition of active ingredients, hyalupro® can specifically counteract the visual signs of skin aging several times:

  • Collagen: As an important component of our skin, collagen ensures resilience and firmness. However, as we age, the body continues to break down the connective tissue protein, causing the skin to appear more saggy and wrinkled. By adding collagen hydrolysate (or collagen peptides), hyalupro® Shot helps to replenish collagen depots, reduce wrinkle depth and increase skin elasticity.
  • Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid is one of the most proven ingredients in moisturizing creams, masks and serums. But it also has a moisturizing, strengthening effect in the skin as a dietary supplement: hyaluronic acid can bind a large amount of water to itself in the body and also accumulate it in deeper layers of the skin. The result is a tightened, hydrated and visually rejuvenated complexion.
  • Vitamin C & Vitamin E: Ascorbic acid and tocopherol, as vitamins C and E are called in dermatology, also contribute to better collagen formation and optimal skin function. As both vitamins have a strong antioxidant effect, they also protect the skin from oxidative stress and free radicals.
  • Biotin: The active ingredient is also known as vitamin B or vitamin H and is involved in many different metabolic processes in the body. Among other things, it helps to maintain a healthy complexion. In addition to its balancing effect, biotin also stimulates healthy, firmer hair growth.
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