Elementals Bio Placenta

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Bio-Placenta: A patented ingredient with properties that include - accelerated healing of the skin, increases rate of skin renewal, helps to slow down thinning of aging skin, reduces wrinkles, boosts collagen and elastin synthesis, and promotes skin rejuvenation.

Not to be confused with sheep placenta, which has little evidence to show any skin efficacy, Bio-Placenta is biotechnologically engineered utilizing a patented fermentation technology and is backed by extensive clinical studies. It contains five growth factors and many amino acids and vitamins, which deliver numerous powerful skin benefits. 

How to use:

May be used on its own, with any other Skin Moderne product, or as an added boost or treatment with any cleanser, toner, moisturizer, or make-up. Apply morning and night, massage into cleansed skin.

Content: 30 ml

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